10 May 2011

Treasure Trail

I featured Patrick last month, and he's back today in some new pictures I found whilst surfing the web. I like these because he looks a bit older than in the last group. I suspect he's at that age in his twenties when just a single year passing reveals more of the man metamorphasizing out of the boy.

Patrick's done quite a few solo shoots to date, so I think it's time he went for something a little bolder. Surely I can't be the only one who wants to see him with a dick in his ass whilst another lad tongue-teases that magnificent bulbous cock head of his. I imagine porn purveyors pay much more when you transition from solo to gay-for-pay, so hopefully Paddy soon can be lured with cash into taking a walk on the wild side. Go for it lad.


  1. Anonymous17:57

    Great look. Great photos.

  2. He is almost EVERYWHERE on the gay sites...
    AND he is very HOT too...

    No wonder we see him that much..
    I'm not complaining... I love this kind of man and body...
    Natural hair no «photoshop» stuff..

  3. I can never have enough of Patrick O'Brien..

    Just so natural and handsome...

  4. Anonymous19:02


  5. Simplement SUPERBE .....

  6. Anonymous00:25

    yummy love his cock

  7. Thanks Anon @19:02. That's one more baby step to actually taking a real live human cock.

  8. Anonymous05:49

    Yes, I do like my man with some muscle and hairy, I am thankful for the pics, but I wouldn't have mind a butt shot to, (it must be hairy, (sweet)...


  9. Anonymous08:58

    when i first saw paddy or patrick, i said what a fucking handsome man and as he became noticeable and popular, he grows to be hotter.. i wish he could fuck ass in the future :))


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