27 May 2011

Up, Up, and Away

I love this picture because it reminds me of my boyfriend and me. He's much taller so when we embrace naked and aroused, my cockhead nudges the bottom of his balls whilst his cockhead nestles in my naval.

With that, I segue to a brief note that my boyfriend and I leave later today for a much needed holiday together in an exotic foreign locale. I have queued several week's worth of posts, so programming will continue here uninterrupted. Comment approval may take a while at times, however, because our internet access will be spotty at times.


  1. Anonymous06:30

    That is a very classy, artistic, and HOT picture.

    Have a great vacation!


  2. Anonymous22:05

    Off Topic but thought of you when I saw this pic.

    Kevin Bieksa, the hot straight defense man for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team is on the right in this pic, sitting with a teammate while recovering from an injury:


    Not only do they make a charming pair, but was struck by how Bieksa looks downright superhero like with that blazing blue suit.

    A God among Men who could seduce his fellow players with a wink and a nudge if so inclined. This bud looks pretty smitten already.

  3. Have a great holiday


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