29 May 2011


I'm counting on one or more of you eagle-eye readers to identify who this is. I found him in a vintage magazine probably dating from the later 1970s. The publication had no model information nor any captions. Please if you know, shout out in the comments. I'm guessing he might be Italian, because his face looks like ones seen on some classic Roman sculptures.


  1. Anonymous16:30

    What was the name of the magazine in which you saw this man's photo? This looks as if it came from an early Colt magazine. I have many of those early Colt magazines in mint condition. If it came from one, I'll go in the basement and dig them out and look to see if I can find the guy's name.

  2. Anonymous16:35

    I'm guessing the photographer is Roy Dean.
    Not sure of the model.

  3. Jimbo10:09

    It was definitely Dean and this model was one of a handful of men he used to play the role of "Adam" in his long-running "Eden" series. Unfortunately, Dean was notoriously bad at identifying his models.

    I believe the man in question was a native Italian.


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