03 May 2011

The Reunion Weekend

One curious detail in this vintage set you might notice -- both men wear wedding rings. Today, a gay men with a wedding ring is non-news, but when this set was made, they would be extremely uncommon.

So was the photographer trying to tell a subtextual story here? I can see an imagined backstory of two college friends who dabbled in male/male sex, but then they fell in love with women and ended up in conventional marriages.

But then came that fateful weekend at their college reunion. Neither man's wife was able to attend with them. As they began to reminisce, their urges were re-awakened. And now they were men, no longer boys -- the lust was more robust and powerful. They parted once, but they could not part again.


  1. they are both HOT. I wonder if they would like to adopt a child...Me??


  2. Anonymous20:02

    Okay Will. I guess it's up to me again to identify the loop and the two hunks. The name of the loop is 1980's "Mating Games" from Target Studio. It's one of my favorites. The dark hair guy with the mustache is Kyle Hazard. The blond is Mark Anthony. Aren't they both gorgeous? After Colt Studio, Target was the best in my opinion. Fox Studio was the third.


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