30 May 2011

Somebody's Excited

At thirteen, cum in your undershorts is a huge embarrassment for any lad. When you're ten years older, the opposite may be true. Just be sure to take the gooey ones off before you fall asleep, because when they dry and sticks to your glans, removal can be painful.


  1. Anonymous06:56

    Amazing photo! Love creamy shots like these.

  2. Anonymous08:12

    Also, definitely check out John Clum, if you haven't seen his work already. He's an amazing photographer that I spotted on Model Mayhem. He has several websites so he shouldn't be hard to find. While he does shoot many hunky models, I'm obsessed with this skinny little thing he shot.
    He's one of the few models that will bare it all and looks so comfortable doing it. I don't usually go for these lean boys but this guy is all man.


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