14 May 2011

Raw Fun

This may not last long on the Xvideos site so enjoy it while you can.


  1. Why wouldn't stay long on xvids? It's hot!

  2. Anonymous06:51

    That poor guy in the grey cap--I've heard sexier sounds coming from a clogged drain. He seemed to be hiding a leg tatoo by wearing extra long socks. I suppose he didn't want to get recognized.

    Although I must admit that I found the video exticing at times, I'm not a fan of anyone being laughed at or being used. The guy in the grey cap seemed to be the butt (no pun intended) of a joke between the camera man and the buy in the blue bandana.


  3. Anonymous21:56

    One - that is not the first huge dick that ass has entertained.
    Two - pretty sure gray cap guy was having the time of his life. If you like huge cock and he certainly does he was in cock heaven.
    Three - who the hell cares about the cap and the socks with an ass like that and a cock like that and with cum like that.
    Four - lose the thug headband and suck your cum back out of Euro guys ass and then deliver it to Euro guys mouth while he strokes out his own load of well deserved release. When you get to pound a hot ass like that you owe that ass something in return. Euro guy earned a nice load and a tasty finish. At least let him clean up your cock.

  4. Anonymous22:46

    Rode hard and put away wet.

  5. Anonymous07:37

    that top can pound me any day, time, place! and that smile!!! LOVE

  6. Anonymous11:42

    I guess I am the only one who thinks posting bareback sex clips is irresponsible.

  7. Anonymous03:47

    I agree. Bareback sex is irresponsible. Wrap it up guys.


  8. How is posting bareback clips irresponsible? Will did not make this movie. That's like saying you advocate cannibalism because you like watching "Silence of the Lambs".

  9. Anonymous15:57

    No problem with Wiil--he's the best. Keep up the good work.

    It's just that the cannibalism scenes in "Silence..." were fake. The bareback scenes in this video are real. We could have actually witnessed the guy in the blue bandana giving the guy in the grey cap HIV.


  10. Anonymous15:57

    hey Leo,

    Watch anyone eat a doughnut today or drink a Coke or smoke a cigarette. You don't have to snort lines of cocaine or rot your brains on heroin to know they are all deadly. More obese people in the world than HIV+ and we don't seem to have a problem watching them everyday.

    We grownup's here in the real world assume that neither of these performers has a problem with taking raw dick. We assume they take responsibility for regular testing since they are adults working in the adult porn industry. Ever consider they may already be positive and be partnered with a positive performer.

    Go ahead and do your best to outlaw raw sex and see where that gets you. Ever heard of a thing called prohibition. Doesn't really work all that well.

    Porn is about fantasy. Porn is about watching people do what you might not wish to do up your own adorable ass. Porn is about wanking off for the most part in the privacy of ones own private space. If I want to wank to latex free sex you have no business inserting your rock hard influence over my choice.

    Sex with partners is about knowing who you fuck and who they fuck and whether they are high risk partners. We are responsible for our own activity and for the consequences of that activity.

    Exactly why do you think the vaccine is important. So you can go on having latex sheathed sex. I think not. If you think a condom is your safe harbor to avoid HIV you have a lot to learn. Sucking a dick is equally dangerous and sometimes more so.

    Grow up and make sure whomever you partner with is well... grown up and responsible enough to want the best for you.

  11. Anonymous10:17

    Dear Friend--

    Your point is well taken. However, I was not the one who posted the original comment. I am sorry that I got involved. I am also sorry that I upset you.

    HIV/AIDS is a very sensitive and scary subject to us all. I'm sure neither one of us wants to see another person infected---or worse yet dead because of this preventable disease.

    Let's not fight--we are all on the same side.


  12. Anonymous13:47

    I found this to be a very hot video - hell, I'm still erect after reading all the comments. However, I have to agree with Anonymous #1: the bottom in the knit cap doesn't sound like (or grimace like) he's having any fun whatsoever. Now, he does manage to maintain an erection throughout, and he does have a nice cum shot, so maybe that's just his natural reaction to getting banged by Biaggi's massive dong, but it would be better if he could have showed it a little more convincingly.


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