16 May 2011

Ginger Brown

Connor here is all kinds of hot. He's sort of a hybrid between ginger and brown-haired. Those copper pubes are fantastic. I love the look of a man like this who appears like he's toned and muscled from hard manual labor, not from spending hours in a gym.

A big hot bloke knocked on my door not too long ago. He was doing some construction work for a neighbor and needed some information. He was a ginger brown like this and nicely muscled. Although he seemed rather shy and soft-spoken, I'm sure a few beers would've opened him up. Unfortunately he was interested in getting back to work.

Connor unfortunately appears to have only done one solo jackoff shoot in the porn biz and that's it. Hopefully a producer can lure him back into the studio, maybe with a mate this time.

Kudos to Macho Addiction, where I originally found these shots.

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  1. Anonymous19:52

    I know he's trying to look tough and macho. But he comes off as cute and cuddly. Either way, he's pretty damn sexy.

    Love to have me some ginger bread.



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