11 May 2011

Died and Gone to Heaven

The big strapping lad with the lighter hair, Bryce, has done a few solo jerkoff shoots to date. I thought he would be the typical gay-for-pay bloke -- appearing a few times to rub one out for some cash and then disappear, never to let another naked man near his hetero body.

Well I've died and gone to heaven. Here he's sucking cock and fucking another lad in the ass. His tight little hole remains off-limits, however, but that gives us hope. And the way he plays with that cock and lovingly stimulates the head -- well, I don't think that's the first piece of man meat he's stuffed in his mouth.

If you'd like to watch this video in a much larger version, be sure to click here.


  1. on the positive side, bryce has an amazing body and great cock. travis is an awesome (and hot) bottom, and his cock sucking skills are worth a mention as well.

    on the negative side, bryce has a long way to go in the cock-sucking department, his face is not on the level with his body, and there are NO penetration shots. while i agree that bryce probably has had a cock or two in his mouth (you heard the "first hardcore scene... first guy on guy action in front on the camera" at the beginning), you can tell his confidence level is really low when it comes to sticking it in, and his money shot at the end seemed to take the very last bit of effort he had left. he has a ways to go when it comes to being a performer, but this is a good start!

  2. Anonymous08:52

    when a guy can fuck till he is completely exhausted and fuck you into two orgasm that is so fucking hot these so-call gay for pay guys are a gay mans fantasy come true.

  3. Anonymous09:29

    WOW! What an EXPLOSIVELY HOT video. Bryce and Travis, what a great pairing. And I have to agree, this is not the first time Bryce has engaged in m2m. He performed like a well oiled experience machine. WOOF!

  4. Anonymous13:25

    A very sexy and hot video. Thanks for sharing. I like how Bryce's fair, blonde body gets so red with sex blush; clearly, he's enjoying himself. Travis clearly was having a good time with two orgasms. I agree with Sir Percy, though, that Bryce's cocksucking skills need to be honed, and his money shot is poor (when the hell will directors/cinematographers learn not to shoot cumshots against a white or backlit background?)

  5. Anonymous18:25

    This video is so hot it made me dizzy.


  6. Anonymous20:00

    Yes, this is hot. But personally, I want to see Bryce jacking off by himself. Please post one of those videos.

  7. Anon @20:00

    I'll look to see what I can find. I don't post these videos myself. I just look on various sites for what other people have posted. If someone hasn't posted it somewhere, then there's nothing I can do.

  8. Fellas, you can go to xvideos.com to see Bryce in solo jerk off action. Here's the URL to paste into your browser: http://static.xvideos.com/swf/flv_player_site_v4.swf?id_video=982756[/flash]. Alternately, you could just go to xvideos.com and type the video number (982756) in the search box. Enjoy; it's about 55 minutes long, but there's a lot of conversation with webcam users before you get to the "good" stuff.

  9. Anonymous17:06

    Gay for pay or not, Bryce physically exhibits the characteristics of a VERY experienced bottom. See: http://www.waybig.com/blog/2010/12/29/randyblue-bryce-tucker/.


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