22 April 2012

The Barrett of Big Pole Street

Here in Los Angeles, the Health Department puts up placards in prominent place by the entrance at every restaurant in order to grade them on kitchen cleanliness. I wonder how it affects your score if the inspectors find pubic hair or dried cum on the stove and counters?


  1. Anonymous09:50

    Whos the top guy with the big cock?

  2. that yumm yumm yummy hunk of meat belongs to barrett long. he is becoming the "peter north" of gay porn he's in so many movies including his own series barrett longs amateur hour which has 23 so far (i think) check out tlagay.com/barrettlong.com for the list! happy humping!

  3. they do the same over here, too, though I have no idea how they react to dried cum and pubic hair ... (LOL) ...

  4. Anonymous09:22

    Now this is why I never complain about my food order and send it back at Denny's. :) B.T.W., that's an exceedingly clever play on words for your header about Wimpole Street. I mean, Big Pole Street. - Montana Cowboy

  5. Anonymous18:57

    The performers are Barrett Long (top) and Johnny Donavan (bottom), just as written in the opening credits.


  6. Anonymous18:14

    I always find Barrett's performance very stiff! Such a waste! He needs some "professional" acting training.


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