19 April 2012

Monochrome Rumps

I found a zipped folder on one of my hard drives recently that I must've downloaded from somewhere but apparently never opened. After scanning for viruses, I checked to see what was inside. These lads were inhabiting a folder called "monochrome rumps." I selected the choicest specimens for posting here.


  1. Anonymous21:26

    ah, the last guy has a nice bubble butt, beefy biceps, a beatuiful banana, and nice balls..

  2. beautiful - sexy - delicious - HOT!!!!

  3. Anonymous10:20

    I love b&w. Nearly everything (to me) looks better in b&w, but it's seldom utilized these days. All these shots are superb, but, #3 in it's gaze straight up the flank is my favorite. - Montana Cowboy

  4. Anonymous11:02

    Excellent choices of choice rumps!


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