10 April 2012

Guitar Man

Sometimes a lad can be fully clothed yet something about him inspires extremely impure fantasies. I'm wondering how many beers it would take before he lost his inhibitions and had his jeans down to his ankles.


  1. Anonymous06:48

    Tequila would probably work quicker on him. However, if beer is your only choice, he's worth the wait.

  2. Love to use my imagination and fantasize about this guy - naked - how he'd look and what I'd do to him ... ... I like what I see, and he's HOT!!!

  3. Anonymous12:06

    Even though it looks like butter when melt in this dudes mouth, I think you he would be a tough nut to crack to get a his nuts. So yes, beer and shots of tequila, and just maybe he be horny enough for man to man play, as he passes out in your bed, but when he wakes up, he'll be wondering how the heck he was doing there and what happened, and all you say, is you both crashed on the bed. Even though he have this dumb look on his face, about the rather strange taste is his mouth, tequila and cum don't mix very well for him anyways.

  4. Anonymous17:29

    I'm afraid this is a gay man's fantasy. That a straight guy could come across with the injection of a few beers. The reality is that violence would possibly ensue if you even looked at a straight guy. Phil038


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