30 April 2012

Less Is More

Kent here is so flawlessly hot that he can be partially dressed and still look like sex on a stick. It was a sad day when he retired from porn and became a personal trainer. I'll bet he didn't have to wait long for clients. Some of them may even have actually wanted to exercise.

If you look closely, you'll see his T-shirt reads "receiving department." He's both topped and bottomed on screen, but maybe he prefers catching. I'd be happy to pitch to him if that's the case.


  1. Gorgeous man. If I could afford him I'd hire him to help me exercise; he's great motivation.

  2. This is the ONE man I always wanted to rim. He loved being rimmed!

  3. Anonymous08:22

    This guy did porn? Kent who? I dont recognize him. ..

  4. Anonymous09:43

    Less IS more as you stated, unless it's the number of stairs in this shot: 2 sets of stair right alongside each other. And when you're as close to physical perfection as Kent is here (and he is), you get that 'heavenly light' coming down on you from above! - Montana Cowboy

  5. ... actually .. ALL men should be partially dressed instead of being fully nude. It's so much hotter when you cum to think of it ... the best sex happens in the mind, so it is with men's bodies. It's what you DON'T see is what drives us crazy because it is THE fodder for our imagination, dreams and fantasies!

  6. Randsome05:14

    I want him tied to those stairs and gagging on my thrusting cock

  7. Anonymous14:51

    Kent Larson...

  8. Anonymous20:11

    From Nightcharm, which had an article on this hot sweet stud: "I know there are going to be a lot of skeptics out there that will not believe that this is really Kent Larson, but it is. Yes, it is true I found the love of my life and it has been going strong for 6 years now. I live in Las vegas, and have been since I left porn. I did in fact go back to school. I originally went back to become a Personal Trainer, but decided against it. I ended up getting my BA and am currently working on my Masters. Although life has been great since I have left the life of porn, I must say I miss the rush I got when doing it. I met some AMAZING people, but unfortunately I have lost contact with most of them. I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate all the kind words that you all have written here, and also on other blogs.

    -Kent Larson

    May 7th, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    (From Big V)

  9. Anonymous21:10

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