17 April 2012

Great Dane

This lad has appeared on several porn sites. On one he's "Dane," but that's probably bogus.

I wish I could find some better-quality shots of him because he's so hot. He looks like a real man, not a pretty boy model. I seem to recall seeing him on the receiving end of a blowjob on one site.

He seems very comfortable with nudity and man-on-man activity so who knows what his actual orientation might be. He reminds me of the wild party boys in college who didn't care what happened once they were drunk. Give Dane two six-packs and he's yours for the asking.


  1. Anonymous07:30

    Yes, I have seen this beefy Gentle Giant before, he is a very masculine dude, and a nice guy at that. I buy him a couple of "sixies" any day, to lick those hairy pits, and admire his bi's.. ah hell, I don't think he has one body part I would NOT lick..


  2. Anonymous08:29

    He is one gorgeous hunk of a hot guy, love to get into a hot hot sex sexxion with him and just devour him. He got me so hot hot hot

  3. His name is Vincent Urbank, He's a pro-strongman.

  4. I totally agree - this one's almost the quintessential beefcake: beefy, muscled, fleshy, full of meat that you feel you can - or want to! - eat, gorge yourself on! He exudes sex and sensuality. And manliness. In one word: He's HOT!

    1. Anonymous16:40

      Wow, i just thought he was on str8 fraternity, what other sites has he been on?

  5. Anonymous11:35

    He's real name is Vincent Urbank according to http://laperfectionfaitehomme.blogspot.com/

  6. He's bodybuilder Vince Urbank.....Oh, how I love gingers. Thanks for the great post!....Joe

  7. Anonymous03:07

    His name is Vince Urbank

  8. Anonymous18:37

    His real name is Vincent [Vince] Urbank, and he's now a pro strongman: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vince-Urbank-Pro-Strongman/124372654314221


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