03 April 2012

Hot Feet

This is the hottest feet picture I've seen in a long time. I don't have a foot fetish, but something about this really rang my chimes.

The suggestive subtext helps, too. I can think of a whole lot of scenarios as to why his jockstrap is down there and what's happening above the camera. It's an entirely G-rated picture with a subliminal X-rated message.


  1. Anonymous09:48

    Are these Fred Flintstone's? - Montana Cowboy

  2. I agree. They look exactly how a man's feet are supposed to look like! ever so slightly covered in fluff, veiny, and BIG!

  3. Anonymous22:51

    Well I have a foot fetish, this guy has great hairy legs and manly feet, and hell the jock can be there for several reasons, I'll give you two, he just got down with his workout at the gym, and his jock is coming off, or he himself has a jock fetish, and after he got done taking a whiff of the crotch smell, he finds a need to jerk off on them..

    Oh yes I would suck all ten toes, nice and slow...


  4. Anonymous14:01

    I do have a fetish, and I appreciate the photo! :)

  5. Anonymous18:34

    I have a slight man foot fetish, this dude has great hairy legs and great man feet, big, and the right about of hair on them..

    The jock really add to the pic, maybe he just got done with his workout and now ready to shower, hell I like to get a whiff of both his feet, and his jock.. Sweet (to me anyways)..


  6. Anonymous20:18

    Feet are an underrated/underutilized erogenous zone.


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