23 April 2012


An ex-Mormon, Landon has become quite a big name in porn as of late. I wonder if he was ever a door-to-door missionary? He usually tops but occasionally bottoms.

Offscreen he reportedly does not escort and has a long-time boyfriend. He has the sort of chiseled looks Hollywood favored in the 1980s for action TV shows.

I could see him as starring in something like Chip Wescott, PI, racing about in some sports car with a flimsy shirt that always comes unbottoned. He would be fast with a gun and faster getting boy to their knees. Oh wait, that last part wouldn't be on network TV.


  1. landon is an absolute spunk! i first saw him on guidetogay.com - they did a shoot when the falcon boys were in australia! so lovely - the guys did club appearances!

    here is the link


  2. ... love the idea of him being a door-to-door missionary, ringing s.o. doorbell, being let in by a sexy stud, Landon gets hard, so does his host. Tenting in his suit pants, his mouth stats watering, until, finally, the equally hard host can't hold back any longer, and grabs Landon's rockhard tool and yanks it out of the pants ...

  3. Anonymous04:42

    It would be nice if the Log Cabin could get him on the campaign trail with Mitt.

  4. Anonymous22:16

    wow I recognize him....had a sex date with him once. IT was... okay. He wanted me to fuck him, too!


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