24 April 2012

The Wet Spot

I like this photo for a variety of reasons. The studs are hot. I like the expression on the recipient's face and how he tenderly but firmly holds the cocksucker's head.

I'm also intrigued by that big wet spot on the one lad's underwear. Is that from sweat? From his friend slobbering all over his pole? From the copious amount of precum that oozed out of his cock before he was sucked?

Or maybe it's all three. I like that choice best. The wet shot really makes this picture work for me. He'll walk around the rest of the afternoon with his crotch wet from what went down and that'll be a continual reminder of what a great blowjob he had.


  1. Anonymous05:51

    Bo Deam can fuck me hard ANYTIME!

  2. Anonymous17:12

    Bo Dean is a wicked top.


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