21 April 2012

Big Blue

I hope this puts up a puptent in your pants like it did in mine. I was hoping he'd end up with cum all over his faces and sunglasses but unfortunately that did not happen.


  1. Anonymous10:18

    I used to really get off with Blue Blake, (the guy here in Shades with the English accent) back in the late 80's and into the 90's. The many films I had of him were lost long ago in the video-tape days. Please though, if you find any more of him, post them. One in particular had him as a Sailor in Hollywood on leave (yeah, I know), finding a place to room and stumbles upon a landlord who fucks him for the rent. Those were the days. - Montana Cowboy

  2. Blue Blake's HOT! Also, he's produced some of the best porn around, particularly if you're into muscle-men.

  3. max grande, yuuuuummmmmmy! he's always been one of my faves!


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