14 April 2012

Pavel's Violation

Chris and Pavel could do a hot video if they kept their clothes on and did their laundry. When they decide to fuck, it's that much hotter. I wonder what Pavel is doing now, having long ago retired from porn. He was arrested a few years ago in Cuba, and his bail was paid by none other than George Michael.


  1. Anonymous10:16

    I would like to think that since his retirement from the business he's settled down and produced a slew of baby-Pavel's. The statement about his arrest in Cuba...now THAT is more than worthy of some follow-up. I can just imagine what occurred! - Montana Cowboy

  2. Pavel's really hot. What makes him so is that he has absolutely no boundaries or limits though by looking at him you'd never know!

  3. You are so right about the laundry... glad they don't limit themselves that way...

  4. Anonymous09:43

    I'd pay his bail too, if he was remanded to my custody. Good on Geo. Michael!


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