12 April 2012

Blindman's Bluff

These are stills from one of the popular porn websites, part of a very long, ongoing series where allegedly straight guys are blindfolded with music piped into their ears whilst they receive a blowjob from a man. Considering that some of these men appear on a lot of other websites engaging in gay sex, the straightness of their alleged sexuality is highly dubious.

Usually the blokes on that site are quite banal and the blindfolded blowjob routine has few variations. This young buck shown here, however, is an exception. The slight look of terror in his face provides a nice counterpoint to his half-hard cock, with the tip of the head just peeking out of his waistband -- if you click the pictures, you can see them in a much larger size.

His anxious expression suggests he's just now realizing what he's gotten himself into, yet he's also excited that he may be crossing a new sexual frontier. His his just about to lose his virginity, to have his first sexual experience with another person of either gender?

I find the combination of power and helplessness very intoxicating. He's a big, strong lad with powerful muscles but he's now submissive and bound. That is a trust which must not be abused, although that doesn't mean it can't be pushed a little further to the edge. He knows he has a need for submission and now is willing to pay the price for that need.


  1. Anonymous07:20

    love to get down and feast on that hard and thick sport cock. invite him up to coachs cabin for a weekend, and suck him dry!!

  2. Love to know what website.


  3. Anonymous09:38

    I'd love to see the video now! That first photo DOES show a sense of apprehension on his face, and I'm glad you mentioned the fact that his dick-head was just poking out of the top as I'd have missed it. In the subsequent photos his mouth opens, giving more evidence of his feelings as his eyes are hidden from us. The fact his eyes are hidden may well be the tipping point of all of this, for him to go further. This model (in this setting), engages me! - Montana Cowboy

  4. that's chaos i was watching his site waaaaaay before he became a popular porn star with dvds and a PAYING site. lol

  5. fantastic guy!!! he's from straight fraternity, isn't he?

  6. Anonymous02:45

    The whole package is gorgeous. Look at his lips, his nipples. Would have a hard time deciding what to suck first, lol

  7. Anonymous11:22

    That's Taylor from Chaosmen.com. Taylor graduated to fucking and sucking guys. One of my favorites on that site is his bareback session with Silas, whom he fucks, cuming in and on his ass, then delivers a second load in Silas' mouth.

  8. Anonymous12:51

    Yummm... There's nothing that's not eatable, kissable on that guy.

    I know the website you refer to (ok, it's chaosmen). I have a few of Bryan Ockert's 'Serviced' videos and I find them pretty hot. In fact, I wish he'd extend the series,'Edge' too, and continue with the 'Gloryhole' vids. I like his product, and like you I'm intrigued by its premise. I've also found by experience that he produces material of a consistently high quality. I'd probably buy anything he makes just because his name's on it, that's how well made it is, IMO. And I strongly disagree that the guys he features are 'banal' ---- or if so, please tell me where to find them --- I'll move there at once!Just look at Mattox in 'Edge' vol.2: virile blazingly hot, nothing lacking anywhere, a fucking vision of male beauty. Or Zeph in the same vid --- two phenomonal men I wish I'd see more of. Not to mention Jarrod & "Logan" from 'Edge' v.1 --- or ALL the dudes sucked off in 'Serviced' v.1 ! Taste is relative I know (and relevant) but sucking off hot young men always works for me.

    Additionally hot to a "passive" cock-sucker and man-worshipper like me is the idea of capture and submission of someone my equal in strength, or bigger and stronger than me; this age-old, fluid play of pleasure and power between men. Blindfold and restraints on a hot hapless Gulliver like this beefy, (jock-) strapping young dude, easily strong enough to break out at any time if he chooses but for all his prowess powerless, safely disarmed, willingly giving himself up to a long siege of oral pleasure, from nips and treasure trail to his balls and his asshole; to being kissed and kicked and sucked and milked dry --- altho disappointingly Ockert doesnt swallow ---, hell yeah! I couldn't care less how these guys identify sexually. They are without exception sexy, with desirable, credible bodies belonging to the kind of guy you might see or remember seeing pass you in the street, guys with not only a hot ass or the promise of a big dick but that and something else, something more besides --- another big plus IMO, since I think even 'average' or fit regular, guys, can be awesomely hot too, and fun as hell.

  9. Anonymous22:21

    Who is that guy, anyone know?


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