15 April 2012

The Dragon and the Cupcake

If Channing Tatum does gay porn in ten years or so, it might look like this. Twinks banging twinks doesn't interest me, but a big brawny stud using and abusing a helpless twink always gets my attention.


  1. I agree that it's boring to watch sex between two cookie-cutter images of each other, e.g. twink/twink, or two brawny studs. I prefer mixes and differences, broader ranges and types of guys getting together than the usual pairings in alot of porn. This is nice.

  2. Anonymous10:23

    I agree, it's an interesting idea! Now, about this video..
    The guy who's cleaning the glass is really a determined cleaner. It reminds me of a line from 'Norma Rae' when Sally Field is being lectured by her husband that he's been going 'without' as she's been so busy with other things. And (paraphrasing) she tells him while doing the family's ironing, 'You want lovin? You come up behind me and lift up my nightie and we'll make lovin'. Also, is that really a window on the floor? It's a shame the filmmaker didn't take advantage and get a couple of shots looking up through the glass at these guys going at it. - Montana Cowboy


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