02 April 2012

Black and White

I know some people have a bias against monochrome photography. They believe color is inherently better. I guess this is because black-and-white existed before color in movies and television as well as photograpy itself.

I'll never forget when I went to a pre-release screening of Schindler's List and heard a woman behind me exclaim in distress to her companion, "oh, it's in black and white" after the movie started. Maybe she was Ted Turner's sister.

Black-and-white photography can be extremely beautiful. You notice things you wouldn't with color. Some images just wouldn't work as well if they weren't monochrome. One of the images here technically isn't black-and-white, but the color has been so desaturated that your eye is fooled unless you look closely.


  1. Myself, I prefer the b/w photography. It brings out al the nuances and shadows of the picture. Plus I think they are MUCH more seductive.

  2. I am with gien0330...the b/w photography must take into account light and shadow, which can alter the mood of the picture. True with films, as well. Would Psycho be as scary if it were in Technicolor? I highly doubt it. And the entire noir genre would be lost. BTW...#4 has my attention.


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