11 April 2012

Colton and Blake

This scene features two very hot blokes in a long rimming session followed by some hot plowing. I love how Colton stays hard while getting fucked in the ass. I believe these two lads were a couple when this video was made.


  1. Anonymous08:59

    Inventive, and these guys are really into it; as though they didn't care if the camera was there or not. And that bench - the implications are...right in your face! I wonder why I haven't seen that bench advertised in the Ikea catalogue? - Montana Cowboy

  2. why can't I watch this video; it says the video will be available soon. I have been trying to watch it for 3 days. Xvideos never gave such problems before.

  3. Anonymous12:53

    Blake Harper's a really hot stud who I've appreciated for a very long time, but I liked him better before he became so muscular; he used to be a bit more "approachable," and not so "muscle god"-like.

  4. Anonymous14:39

    I've never seem rimming like this...Colton's nose and tongue...Blake's pushing his hole out for worship... not to mention their kissing and sucking of each other's tongues thru the seat...wow, what a turn on!

    And yes, their continual rock hard cocks...you know they are enjoying each other and every minute...oh, man...and then Blake's expert fucking of Colton...this video is amazing...

  5. Anonymous11:48

    I can't find this scene at Titanmen.com. Does anyone know what DVD it's on?

    1. Anonymous07:56

      It's on Prowl 3 from MSR Videos

  6. Anonymous17:51

    Hey, thanks for the followup on my question.

  7. Anonymous16:49

    I've adored Harper's asshole since the first time I saw him, more than a decade ago. This is the absolute rimming worship!


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