06 March 2014

Afternoon Delight

I've written before about how I had more than a few motel afternoon delights when I was in my twenties. Most of the time the other man was older and married. I was such a shameless slut in those days. Whenever I see pictures that suggest an afternoon delight, like these here, they bring back the memories.

The fifth shot, where they're both licking the flexible lad's cock, is a new favorite. I'm not much for self-suck photos, but this is a significant exception. These images are larger than they appear below, so please click here to see and save the full-size versions.


  1. Anonymous07:15

    Fuck ya, I'll take some of that "AFTERNOON DELIGHT":):)

  2. You and me both. The older and hairy the man, the wider my legs. I had lotsa fun in my 20s.
    Saw some pics of a really hot man and thought of you, so tomorrow there will be a posting of this man in reference to you, buddy. Drop by!


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