18 March 2014

Big Marcus

I've been doing this blog for more than five years, but somehow I've neglected to do a post about Marcus Ruhl. He's a big hot slab of manstud, with muscles in all the right places, a perfect "T" body, and a moviestar handsome face. He's also versatile and both bottoms and tops, not to mention that he also appears in straight porn. What's not to love?

These photos are truly massive -- if you have a vertical screen, they'd be perfect screensavers. Some of you on slower connections may find they won't load on this page, but it you click here, you can see and save them in their original size.


  1. Woof! What a hot man! Love them versatile, gay or straight.

  2. Anonymous18:15

    Oh yeah, I have a special place in my heart and somewhere else, for the big beefy type.


  3. Anonymous18:18

    Great call on Marcus! He is one fine man! He was recently spotted in the audience of the Steve Wilkos Show(bad Jerry Springer spon off) in New York City. He stood out! Jake

  4. Anonymous18:53

    That is some STUD! Maybe you can find a vid of his for our enjoyment.


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