31 March 2014

Lost Puppy

Found, one mischievous pup that seems to have wandered away and become lost. He was picked up wandering through an alley at three in the morning, wearing only a semen-drenched T-shirt.

Answers to Skippy -- when he feels like it. Something of a picky eater; the only thing he really seems to like are cum and Oreos (but not together).

Will need some firm discipline and regular workouts as he cannot stop playing with himself. He's definitely affectionate and loves to cuddle. This one could have real potential, particularly when older.

To examine big photos of this pup in much greater detail, be sure to click here.


  1. Dayum! Hope you guys have lotsa fun with him! Use him well!

  2. 'Skippy' is mine, he ran off a few months ago. I tried everything to get his obedience and nothing seems to work short of keeping him in his kennel. He is very playful and very willing to please oral or anal. I never named him and just call him boi. I think he is OCD and ADHD and would answer to anything you say to him if he notices you are paying attention to him. But everytime I would let him outside to take a piss he runs off. I tried to toilet train him but it never took. I put up an electric fence and locked a collar around his neck and he would just run the fence even when I had it turned up on high. Man I miss my pup and would love to get him back. Great blue eyes and the sweetest cum I have ever tasted. Tell him Ching Chong Ding Dong is asking about him. Needs him back soon because we are hosting a Spring Party in a couple of weeks. The party just wont be the same with out my 'Boi' If you have him email me at fmp3069@gmail.com

  3. Why is the video game Q-bert on his shoulder?

  4. Anonymous05:32

    Lost "mutts" comes to mind here.


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