20 March 2014

The Fireman's Hose

I suspect he's a model and not a real fireman. But sometimes firemen do a bit of modeling on the side, so there is a chance he's the real thing.

His hose is what my eyes find first. I prefer my firemen with all-natural hoses. I'd like to play with his pumper and hose.

These photos are larger than they appear below, so right click to see and save or click here for a free folder with the four of them.


  1. Anonymous07:34

    Oh fuck yes.....

  2. Anonymous19:48

    My, my, Mr, Fireman, I have a burning butt hole, and I need you hose to put the fire out... I am sending out an SOS


  3. Anonymous19:18

    hello from japan!

    i will only allow him to put out my heat with his licks and cum.


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