22 March 2014

The Cocksucking Stalker

An eagle-eyed reader found another Marcus Ruhl flick on the Xvideos site. This time he has a stalker who wants his cock, and Marcus is more than happy to give it to him.

I'm pretty sure the opening scene was shot on the UCLA campus. I wonder if the producers got a film permit for that or pretended they were film students. (Even students are required to obtain film permits.)

The music is a hoot. I have to think this was sourced from some older original, given that cheapo porn budgets don't usually include fully orchestrated sound tracks. Either that or they just blatantly ripped it off from another source.

This scene also has a curious continuity error. When Marcus enters the storeroom, he's wearing tennis shoes. But seconds later when his fan starts to suck his cock, Marcus mysteriously is wearing dress shoes. They're magic shoes, that's it!

If you want to watch on the source site, you'll need to click here.

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  1. Anonymous09:31

    Like the set up, like the top but the bottom - yuk. Pasty, white, so-so body, contrasts horribly with the darker skin of the top. Keeping the nasty blue t-shirt on makes it worse.


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