10 March 2014

Bareass in the Snow

Growing up in London, I saw my share of snow. When we moved to the upper Midwest in the US when I was twelve, I entered an entirely new dimension of cold and snow. The thermometer went to depths I thought only existed in Antarctica.

So that's part of the reason I moved to Southern California to go to university and stayed ever since. I spend time in New York and London every year, but I try to avoid much time in the winters there. Needless to say, I am not a big fan of cold and snow.

My idea of a good time is not standing bareass outside in the snow. But I'm certainly glad when other lads decide to do it. The one with the raging boner must be from Iceland and used to the cold.

The originals for these images are of all different sizes. To see and save them as well as others in a free folder with twenty pictures of lads baring all in the snow and cold, please click here


  1. Anonymous08:18

    If any of these guys were affected by shrinkage while outside for the photo shoot, I would not play drop the soap with them in the shower.

  2. Not all of the pics displayed for me but that's okay: the furry dude in the first pic more than makes up for it. Grrr

  3. Anonymous11:22

    As a Canadian, you'd think I'd love winter...but I dont. These gentlemen might just change my mind

  4. Who in their right mind??? No way. Although there are people who participate in polar bear clubs every year. Again, no way. Yikes.


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