28 March 2014

Bound and Helpless

IMHO this picture is ten times hotter because he's bound to the table. He can now be used and edged and milked for hours, and he'll be powerless to do anything to stop it. If he begs, that'll make it all the much more fun.

Please, no more. Please don't jack me again. My balls feel so hot and swollen as it is. I can't believe-- please no, please take your hands off me. Don't do that with your tongue! Oh damn, now I'm rock hard again-- please let me cum this time, won't you please? My balls ache so badly--

I'm guessing his underwear ripped during one of his hours-long hard-ons. Click here to see and save in a larger size.


  1. Anonymous09:08

    To be honest. . I don't really see this pic as sexy. . it really smacks of torchure or child porn or like a dead person they pulled out of the river that had been torturned and murdered. Sorry, that was my first impression and the more I look at this pic the more it is a HUGE turn off. I have to say NOT SEXY!

  2. To also be honest...I find the pic as hotter than a good fuck. The blond hair on his stomach and legs. The thick long boner. I would let him free and then have my way with him. Either do it his way or my way but in any case heat him up


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