14 March 2014

Ginger Snaps

I had a dish that included ginger at a meal over the weekend, and that got me to thinking I haven't featured a redhead post in a while. What constitutes a "ginger" is as subjective a definition as what constitutes a "bear."

In my thinking, a ginger should be redder than he is blond or brunet. His pubes are the biggest key, because they tend to be his real hair color while the hair on his head may be affected by the elements or hairstyling. Nothing warms the groin like seeing a lad with fire-red pubes.

As usual, all the pictures below are larger than they appear here. To see and save them, plus more in a free folder with two dozen naked ginger lads, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous08:56

    The guy in the second pic looks like a young Mike McQueary.

  2. Anonymous15:01

    I like ginger snaps, ginger ale, gin and tonic, (you do see where this is going, don't you?..lol) but most of all I sucking "Ginger Man's cock".

    One Ginger Man I like to catch is #2, but remember the gingerman runs fast, you have to catch them.

  3. Yes. I'll take #2 too!

  4. Anonymous06:06

    Would love to see more pics of the 4th man.


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