27 March 2014

Joe College Grows Up

The bigger top here is the one who catches my eye. Yes, he's still a little too young and twinkish, but he looks a lot different now than he did a few years ago, when he was slim and androgynous. Males in their twenties can be fun to watch as they grow from boy to man. Give him about a decade and he should be all the hotter, as long as he keeps in shape.

These Joe College blokes these websites keep finding never cease to amaze me. I'm left wondering what percentage are actually gay and what percentage just go gay for pay. If the first number is much higher than the latter, I can't help but think that I missed out on some prime college ass back in my university days. But maybe they were all so far back in the closet it didn't matter.

These pictures are huge, so click here for a free folder where you can see and save a set of twenty images from this scene.


  1. The top is Stu and he does a ton of Sean Cody - there are lots of gif's too. He bottoms very enthusiastically with Pavel and a few others.

    1. Anonymous16:32

      And the bottom is "Noel", the Florida high school student who made headlines a few months back after he was expelled from school when they found out about his porn career. I agree about twinks and most of their porn scenes, I always think it would be much hotter to find guys a bit further along in their maturity. Noel is the one I find attractive in these shots, though, and I hope he continues doing porn, cuz I would love to see him in a couple of years!


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