02 March 2014

Hot Massage

I think the moral to the story here is that if you can talk a straight friend into letting you give him a massage, you're home free. He just needs ten minutes of your hands all over his body to let him forget the universe is populated by women.

If you want to speed ahead to the porn part, it starts a little after ten minutes in. If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, you'll need to click here.


  1. Anonymous20:31

    Anyone know what this is from...? Looks like Sean Cody, but not sure?

  2. Less running, more fucking!

  3. Anonymous08:59

    I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for the good work!

    To me anyway, this one was a bit disappointing, since I like to see guys touching each other instead of just beating their meat. Was it just me, or did the masseuse seem a bit unsure and tenative about the whole M2M piece?

  4. the guy getting massaged is "Mitch" from SC


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