08 March 2014

Hot Muscle Sandwich

If you won $200 million in the lottery, you could hire two male escorts whenever you wanted and reenact the first scene here as often as you wish. Or you could keep two boytoys. Either way, you'd die with a smile on your face.

In the event the delete monkeys pull down the first video, included is a second scene -- an amateur production of a beefy bearstud trucker jacking off as he drives his bigrig down the highway. He's not ripped like a model, but he's not an eyesore either. His enthusiasm is infectious. You have to wonder how many hitchhikers he's fucked and/or vice versa.

If you prefer to watch these on the source site, please click here for the hot muscle sandwich and here for the horndog trucker.


  1. Damn, I need to start hitchhiking if that trucker is out there!

  2. Anonymous08:44

    The trucker look just like a bi swimming instructor that I regularly sucked off at college. Happy memories!

  3. Anonymous08:57

    He is magnificent - I would to travel the road with him - gicving him somewhere to dump his load!

  4. Anonymous21:24

    oh fuck I want a ride with you man ...love trucker cum

  5. Anonymous13:05

    It's a miracle he has never crashed his truck!!!!!

  6. Marty Miller08:14

    Damn Thor, if you can drive and pump your fatty like that, I'd like to test your skills in the sack. You're fucking hot in the truck, bet you're bull in the sack. My ass be want that. Ever be in the Chicago way .. my ass is yours.


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