26 March 2014

The Hirsute Coach

This every gay lad's fantasy in high school and college -- being seduced by the older, wiser, hung coach. He'll never win a handsome man contest, but he knows what to do with his cock, and he has a lean, toned body with plenty of fuzz.

I like this one because it seems more like being a voyeur and seeing some actual fucking as opposed to watching performed and produced porn. I'm guessing this was made in the mid-1980s, given the production values. It's a VHS transfer but surprisingly crisp. If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, please click here.


  1. Anonymous08:08

    I've always loved this one. The way that young lad suck cock!

  2. Anonymous10:33

    The coach has a stubby dick and a kinky hairy ass . .. not attractive at all. This video looks like a homemade job from maybe the 70s. Ill pass on this one!

  3. Anonymous10:30

    In the rather strange jerk-off scene appended to the end of the fucking scene, it's nice to see the fellow finally overcome by the pleasure of his orgasm--both right at the moment of imminent ejaculation and afterward--because he doesn't seem to enjoy his cumshot much after the fucking.


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