07 March 2014

Pardon My Drooling

They just don't get any better than this. He is blistering hot. Those lips, those eyes, those nipples. Sigh.

If you know anything about him -- Google image search was no help -- please shout out in the comments. This picture is actually larger, so click here to see him better.


  1. Anonymous15:07

    I could stay under big boys sweaty hairy pit for hours.
    Woud like to touch those big "guns' to.

  2. Anonymous15:38

    His real name is Brad Lemanski. He lives in Springfield, Massachusetts. His facebook screen name is Toobig Strongman. He dances at a club in downtown Springfield.

  3. His name is Vinny (no last name). He often dances at the Adonis Lounge in NY & LA. You can find more photos (& possibly get more info about Vinny) on Adonis Lounge's facebook page. He certainly is beautiful. Good Luck.

  4. PS - Vinny can also be found on The Adonis Lounge's website under "NY Dancers". Many photos. Enjoy.


  5. Great info.

    Here is his youtube page:


  6. Vinnie has done some photo and video shoots for MyFriendsFeet.com.

  7. Anonymous13:51

    He is also a wrestler for Thunder Arena.

  8. Anonymous09:33

    Wow, hunky boy sure gets around.. I like to get around his cock, and blow him.

  9. Anonymous12:04

    To jim: Brad has many youtube videos. His name is not Vinny but rather Brad Lemanski as I stated above and as he says in the video you posted. He is fairly well known in the Springfield, MA area.

  10. Anonymous21:12

    His name is Brad but he works the strips clubs under the name of Vinny. He has works at X Room in Springfield MA, and also worked at various clubs in NYC. He has a Facebook page under Vinny Adonis.

  11. Anonymous02:27

    MAGNIFICENT by any other name is still prime meat.


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