13 March 2014

Exotic and Mysterious

This lad has a very interesting look. My boyfriend and I put our heads together and decided he might be Lebanese. That seemed the most logical choice upon which we could agree. He's listed at the porn producer's website as "Ricky," although I'm skeptical that's real.

He looks like he'd be a shy lover but also seems awkward wanking off. Perhaps he has sex regularly enough that he doesn't need to jack off to keep the inner horndog at bay. I'd love to see him bottom.

These are very large photos, so if you'd like to see and save them in their original size, please click here.


  1. Anonymous07:11

    If he is Lebanese, he's likely Muslim If he's Muslim, he'd likely be circumcised. I think he's Latino, perhaps Argentine.

    1. Not so. Only about half of Lebanese are Muslims. The other half are Christian. This religious diversity is one of the major reasons the country had such a brutal civil war in 1975-1990.

  2. Hmmm, Latino, perhaps?

  3. tipical case of the muscle men, great body little gun jeje, but I love their body and their ass so much

  4. I want to wrestle him anytime.


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