01 April 2014

Hot Scott

This lad is only 23, but he has that wiser, hotter look of an older man. He's 5'11, Italian-American, and an aspiring model from Southern California. He has a very sensual mouth that makes me think very filthy thoughts.

I prefer the shots with the goatee. The look makes him seem more mysterious and mischievous. If he was a skilled actor, he has the looks to be a major star. To see all these photos in a larger version, please click here.


  1. Scott is obviously a very talented man. Love to take him for a ride

  2. Anonymous14:49

    "Beam me up Scotty"

  3. Anonymous08:38

    Yeah, nice knob-sucking lips.

  4. Rock in FL03:39

    Great looking guy. Looks a bit like Jon-Erik Hexum... that gorgeous actor from the '80s who died in a tragic on-set accident.

  5. http://www.seancody.com/?frame=movie&movie=1694


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