08 April 2014

On Your Knees

There's something about this that quickens my pulse: a kneeling cocksucker servicing the man standing over him. Extra points if the recipient uses his hands to push the sucker down on his tool. Double extra points if he grabs the bloke's head or a handful of hair and outright facefucks him.

Maybe it's the inherent domination of the one over the submissive on his knees. I remember reading once about some ancient race, perhaps the Greeks, who after winning a battle sometimes demanded their captives kneel and suck their cocks. Now that's hot.

I've also heard tell that some fraternity houses require new pledges to kneel and suck the upper classmen's cocks in a secret ceremony. Others have told me that's complete bollocks. Even if it is, the image in my head is still vivid.

All the photos below are larger than they appear, so please click here for a free folder with all of them in their original size.


  1. Dayum! These pictures are hawt! And your comment is hawt too! I say that's the right way to get your face fucked. I hope your bf does that to you! 😉
    Again thanks for expressing your self! Damn!

  2. Anonymous10:06

    No one in my pledge class had to suck cocks. However, we were not allowed to wear clothes in the house during pledge week. I also had to wear a trench coat and loafers to class one day (nothing else). The pledges had to do a version of ring-around-the-rosey holding dicks instead of hands. We also had to pick up a carrot off a chair and walk around for two minutes while holding it in our clenched cheeks without dropping it. Anyone who dropped his had to eat another guy's carrot.
    On a different matter, the guy in the first pic has an outstanding ass.

  3. Anonymous18:20

    well re: frats and ceremonies: yes that secret ceremony is true.

  4. Anonymous19:39

    I suck alot of straight cock.. you know why? I have NO problem if they want to keep a hand on my head while I give them head. They come to me becasuse their gf/wifes dind't not like it.... Keep coming my way boys.

  5. pic 6 is hot!


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