20 April 2014

Time to Bottom

Thanks to the golden retriever reader who found another video featuring Scott aka Ryder topping another lad. Once again, he does not seem at all reticent about poking his pecker in another bloke's bunghole.

Now I think it's time for this stud to bottom. Real men have no problem taking it as good as they give it. But in light of the fact he does not seem gay-for-pay, maybe he's already taken quite a few cocks up his ass and the porn producers are just holding out on the public for a while.

If you'd rather view on the source webpage, you should click here.


  1. I just love this «Scott» and I would mind him to top me anytime...
    The other boy is also very cute..

    I always download his videos.. And must say that I have no problem jerking on it and have nice big loads too..
    He is so inpiring...

    Thanks for sharing..
    Must say that those Sean Cody boys are HAWT.. Love also the Corbin Fisher ones too.. Just my type of college boys mature enough not too boyish ...

  2. I love a good flip/flop but the world has to many bottoms already. Let him stay a top.:)

  3. Thanks for another super hot and sexy video. Both men were great.


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