15 April 2014

Down in Mississippi

If you can't read the headline on his newspaper, it says "Mississippi is unhealthiest state." Presumably he is from that state.

He's a young pup, but I wouldn't send him home unused. Is he a "twink"? I guess twink is like "bear" -- it's in the eye of the beholder. In my mind, twinks are both young and slim without much in the muscles department. He is one but not both of those.

I want to see what he looks like when he's 35 or 45. Hopefully he won't have joined the unhealthiest of Mississippians by then.

If you'd like to see a much larger version of the picture below, you'll want to click here.


  1. This young guy is definitely hot! Too bad he's wearing those baggy gym shorts; he'd look so-o-o much hotter in something skimpy, say a really old jockstrap!

  2. Anonymous09:30

    Actually, I'd like to see his dick. But clicking doesn't seem to help in that department.



  3. He is «ABEL ALBONETTI» and I have many of his photo since 2011-09-01..

    He's surely a heatlthy young man...

    Me too I'd love to see him at 30 and 40 yo..

    I'll try to send you some of my collection pics of him..


  4. He is Abel Albonetti from Hernando MS. Clearly that newspaper did not investigate him when putting together their story.


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