07 April 2014

Ryder aka Scott

Thanks to the eagle-eyed visitor here who recognized that Scott posted last week has done some gay porn under the name of Ryder. I would not be surprised if the solo set below was shot a number of months before the non-porn stuff from the previous week because he appears younger in the nude shots.

Lads in their early to mid twenties can visibly mature within a year, when they pass from being a boy into a man. I've watched this in the various young blokes who have leased our poolhouse. They start out as 22-year-old boy-men but then morph into 25-year-old all-men.

Ryder aka Scott has done two male/male scenes as a top. If someone is gay-for-pay, is he more likely to top or bottom? I would think the latter because getting it up isn't necessary. But if you can stack wood as a top, doesn't that indicate you're into blokes?

As usual, the photos below are larger than they appear, so you can examine and download the originals in a free folder here.


  1. Anonymous08:08

    What a beauty!

  2. Anonymous04:16

    The tattoo on his back appears to be missing in the older pics. Also, the nude shots don't show a tattoo in his pubic area that's visible in one of the porn flicks.


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