17 April 2014

Morning Rituals

My boyfriend and I have a house rule that if one of us has to be out the door at a specific time in the morning for some important function, the other may not attempt to seduce him into a detour. So that means no sexy talk, no shared showers, no romantic moves, and the like.

We have to act like two straight men that particular morning and put all thoughts of sex out of our minds. Otherwise, we would end up going at it like lusty dogs, and then cause the earlier riser to be late.

He had to be up very early last week one morning. I had to pee but he was still in the shower. I could see him through the partially open door, soaping his ass and washing his junk in the shower. That gave me a hard on but I didn't want to enter the bathroom as that would violate our rule.

I went down the hall to use the guest bathroom. But with a raging boner, I couldn't pee. I had to think about something else for a few minutes until my erection subsided. So I know exactly how the bloke in the last picture feels.

The originals for these pictures below are larger than they appear, so to access a free folder with the bigger versions, please visit here.


  1. A quicky in the shower is perfect for when you're short on time. Go ahead, break the rules. :)

  2. Anonymous16:10

    Oh my, that would never work for me, I have a thing for straight dudes. I would get "straighties" cock in my mouth so fast, he wouldn't know if he was "cumming" or going. LMAO...but it's true

    Nice pics, especially dude#4

  3. You both sound like a hot fun couple. Good for you guys!

  4. Anonymous09:25

    If that was part of my morning ritual I'd never leave the house!


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