14 April 2014

Fuzzy Brawn

An assortment of dictionaries defines brawn as "strong, well-developed muscles" and "solid and well-developed muscles, especially of the arms and leg" and "muscular strength and power." Brawn is what you want on moving day -- big, ripped studs who can get your heavy furniture in and out of the truck with no complaint.

What I like about these kinds of blokes is that they welcome tough physical challenges. If you ask them if something is too heavy for them, they'll give you a big smile, wipe the sweat off their face with their arms, and say happily "bring it on!"

A house on my street has been undergoing renovations as of late. Some of the construction workers look pretty flabby and one is so thin he should be wormed. A pair of them, who seem to hang around together and arrive often in the same battered pickup, are scorching hot. They're muscular, tall, furry, and apt to strip off their shirts as soon as the clock passes ten in the morning.

All of the pictures below are bigger than they appear, so if you'd like to download a free folder with the originals -- and including four brawny lads not featured on this page -- please click here.


  1. Woof Dayuuum! Slurp! Hawt pics today for sure! Take the pics of the construction men. Cut off their heads and post them on here! LOL

  2. Anonymous12:03

    the second pic is the best. my ideal of the perfect man, gorgeous face, awesome body and an amazing cock and set of balls. the guy has everything, defiantly a god


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