18 April 2014

Power Tool

Curiously, I find this picture very erotic, and I'm not sure why. It really turns me on. It has something to do with the drill. Perhaps that's an unexploited porn sub-subgenre waiting to flower: naked studs wielding tools.

I see a photo series in my head: rugged, muscular men, all naked and half hard, holding a tool in a slightly threatening way. Men with big hammers, wrenches, saws, power nailers, arc welding equipment, and more. They should also be grimy and sweaty. They've got cigars in their mouths or a trace of a leer on their lips. They'll use their tools to get what they want.

Better yet, it's a video series. Hapless, passive white collar males find themselves unexpectedly in the company of naked, half-hard, grimy naked men, beaded with sweat, wielding dangerous tools.

Click here to see the photo in a larger size.


  1. Maybe it means you are a bottom wannabe, you want to get drilled! 😉

  2. Anonymous17:50

    Blu Kennedy has aged very nicely.

  3. Anonymous13:00

    This, of course, is Blu Kennedy, one of the hottest ginger fuckers ever filmed. This image, though, doesn't do much for me; it seems posed and silly...but whatever turns you on...


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