13 April 2014

I Think He Prefers Men

One of the great things about doing this blog is how I learn a lot more about porn. The other week, I posted G-rated pictures of a bloke named Scott here. A few days later, one of you readers emailed me with information about how he had appeared in gay porn as Ryder.

I then posted some of those Ryder pictures and speculated about his sexual orientation. I leaned toward him being gay because he appeared to have no problem getting hard whilst topping other lads.

A few days later, another of you readers emailed me a link to the video below showing Scott aka Ryder topping another guy. He cums twice after fucking him and seems very comfortable during the whole scene, including when he chows down on his lover's ass.

If he's not gay, his enthusiasm suggests he's a very good actor. Any chance of a real career in mainstream film and TV is probably not good now, though, because "The Industry" does not want actors who first appeared on screen getting sucked off by another man.

If you'd like to view this directly at the source, please click here.


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  2. Anonymous06:39

    He's gay.

  3. Anonymous08:47

    he seems to enjoy the cock deep in his ass so that may make him gay or just horny for sex of any kind male female etc

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