21 April 2014

Ace in the Hole

For whatever reason, I tend to use blunt terms for buttfucking. Not much "doing anal" or "making love" or "in the backdoor" in my vocabulary. I'm more likely to say "fucked up the ass" or "assfucked" or something similar. Perhaps this verbal frankness is subconscious rebellion against my British upbringing.

I do know that when I look at porn with one bloke fucking the other, I want to see at least one of their faces and preferably both. I always want to see the bottom's face. Perhaps I want to gauge if the emotion displayed is true to his body language -- is it real or he just faking it?

If you'd like to see and save the full-size photos of these lads below, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous13:13

    The descriptive language in yesterday's post showed some restraint. Did the fact it was Easter Sunday have anything to do with your moderation?

  2. Anonymous13:01

    Couldn't agree with you more--gotta see the face.


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