12 April 2014

Marines Off Duty

I will admit this vid is a bit underwhelming and has low production values, but the one bloke is so bloody hot, it's worth a look. The bigger lad in the green shorts is a major stud. I love big brutes like him.

This movie was made in 29 Palms, a town just outside a huge Marine Corps base in the Southern California desert. I'd be willing to bet the brute was a Marine before -- and perhaps during -- the time this was made.

If you'd like to see on the source site, please click here.


  1. Greetings from Fulham in London. I think I have a video of the ass-tattooed Marine getting blown and rimmed by another guy. If interested, let me have a reliable email address and I will try to send it to youi,
    Regards and congrats for a fab blog. Enrique

    1. Enrique, you can contact me at willleveque at gmail dot com. I know Fulham well; my grandmother lived there.

  2. Hi! Sent you a link from my Dropbox a few days ago. Did you receive it?


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