25 April 2014

Genuine Ginger

Get rid of the tattoos and shorten his sideburns a bit, and this pup looks like he could have walked out of the 1950s. He looks more like Jimmy Olson than the one they actually cast in the old TV series.

I think I wrote here once before about how, when you fuck a redhead, his skin will often redden and sort of glow. It's a wonderful thing. And cum looks fantastic sprayed across his translucent white skin, particularly on his face. Freckles with a cum chaser.

To download larger versions of these photos from a free folder, with a few more thrown in, be sure to click here.


  1. His name is ADAM and those photos are from Sean Cody's site,
    I'd always love to make out with a nice ginger man like him.
    Some say that the skin of a ginger man is very soft and that he smells good too...

    Take care and he is very eatable too..

  2. He is a cute one. Always wanted a ginger boy. this one is perfect. Nice hairy ginger rump.

  3. Anonymous09:36

    Beautifully fuzzy arse & legs, too. I wonder if he shaves his upper half, as there's no sign of chest hair.

    I've never been lucky enough to fuck a 'ginger', so I'll have to take your word for how his skin looks!


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