03 April 2014

Et Tu Brutus

This big strapping lad named Brutus stands a strapping 6'4". He's worked as a bouncer and is alleged to be bisexual. He can bounce me anytime he wants.

Brutus is one of the new studs in the Randy Blue stable. So far, he's only appeared in one solo flick for them. I hope they can convince him to come back and both bottom and top with one or more blokes at once.

If you'd like to see larger images of big Brutus, you'll find them in a free folder here.


  1. Anonymous06:07

    You wrote that Brutus "can bounce me anytime he wants." Is this an admission you're a bottom or did you mean he could bounce on you any time he wants?

    1. I'm versatile but more of a top. I like rough play so that's more of what I meant about bouncing.

  2. Anonymous09:59

    This seems to be an era of "big dicks" on all fronts--public & private--Randy Blue is doing his best for the "American way"--bringing out new "big guns"--I for one feel patriotic duty to aid the Brutuses, Blutos, & other big boys to "cum forward" and cont' to "stand up" for the cause..... again & again.....


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