16 April 2014

The Architect and the Exhibitionist

The first video here caught my eye as soon as I found it on the Xvideos site -- a threeway featuring the strapping hulk Harley Everett and bullstud Sergi Serrano. Harley looks great when the film opens, wearing nothing but overalls.

This is paired with what appears to be an actual amateur video of sexual hijinks in a public loo. While the partnering may have been staged, it's certainly a real mensroom. Be forewarned this scene features a bloke eating cum off a dirty bathroom floor.

For a direct link to the source site for the threeway vid, please click here and here for the bathroom pickup.


  1. Excellent! Downloaded! The first one was very good as I like threesomes. Two tough men using a wimp. Hot.
    The second one was made by a man who lives in Toronto as I have seen his pics saying he is in Toronto. He helps runs events at the black eagle. Small world eh? Thanks for your great taste in porn!

  2. Anonymous21:55

    Probably the hottest video ive seen all year


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